All the foldable phones we are expecting to hit markets as of now

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung has just released their first flagship devices of the year. The Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 plus and the Galaxy S10e. They are still quite new in the market so there isn’t much talk about their performance. There have however been many patents describing their Galaxy Fold design. We posted some articles about foldable phones here. The main screen will be 4.6 inches but will be able to unfold till 7.3 inches. The phone will house the Snapdragon 855 along with 12 GB of RAM. What does one do with all that RAM memory. 12 GB means I could open and switch comfortably between 3 or 4 games. Apparently, the device will be Samsung’s first product to lack a headphone jack. Furthermore, the device will come packed with 6 cameras. I can only imagine how much resolution can be achieved with so many Samsung cameras.

Huawei Mate X

This design has come way after the rest and so far is considered a hybrid. Meaning it borrows a few aspects from various designs. The exciting part about this is that one cannot see the hinges. As compared to Samsung where you can make out which part is the hinge. The device is set to have 8GB of RAM. Although this compared poorly to the Galaxy Fold,it is still quite impressive. The device will also be able to support 5G network. I think this aspect just makes it preferable. I would pick this one cause of the 5G aspect. The device will hit markets at around $2600. This is starting to seem like the standard price for foldable phones.

Oppo Foldable Phone

There was no chance Oppo was being left out of this party. According to pictures and reports, this is much like the Huawei mate X design. However, the company is holding out production to wait and see whether there will be demand for the product. I believe this is a good strategy, very smart.