Airpods 2 release date again rumored to be march 29th this year

The most leaks I read about are often about Apple and its products. Is it because they have a huge user-base? Or maybe they manipulate some of these stories just to see user reaction? If I was a developer I would definitely go for the second option. The sad part about all of this is that at the end of the day most leaks come out wrong. We’ve seen product leaks that spoke nothing but lies about the real product once it was released. Like for example, we had heard stories about Samsung enabling 5G technology on the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. Now we know that was all lies, we should even delete that post. But then that wouldn’t be good practice. On to other more recent news, AirPods 2 release date said to be March 29th once again.

Saying that they got info from an anonymous insider, Applesfera seems to be quite confident about this. There are leaks that seem like lies, then there are those that sound like the truth. Remember the Xbox one S patent we posted about? It talked about Microsoft producing touchscreen controllers. The only problem with this is that the feasibility doesn’t seem rational to pursue. The ease at which they would get spoilt is also an unwelcoming factor.

AirPods 2 release date stated but which features will be new?

There is a story on the ground that says the source of this news might have confused the product in question with an upgrade to the current release. The AirPods experience has been sort of relative compared to users’ preferences with earphones. I have friends that argued they didn’t like the gadget because it’s easy to lose them. The AirPods are supposedly trying to introduce a wireless charging feature. This feature seems to have become quite popular having being implemented even in phones. Samsung devices to be specific. Of course Samsung phones! Will Apple let this dominance stand? I hope not. I’m sure fans will have marked the date on the calendar before the end of the day. Or if you’re reading this late, too late!