A list of some of the the 5G Phones we are expecting to be released soon

Network on a phone defines how well the device will deliver most of the functionalities. A 4G powered phone will obviously have faster internet compared to 3G. So you can imagine how fast 5G phones are going to be. Transactions using applications that need internet will be quite fast. For example, bank apps would rarely buffer or require more than one try. In this article today we’ll list a few of the devices we’ve come across that promise 5G capability.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phones

Samsung seems to be very alert this 2019. They are everywhere, we’ve heard about their progress on foldable phones. And so this will be a major game changer for them if it will be the first device to support 5G network. Supposedly, the device will house a 4,500mAh battery. Fans will be happy to hear this considering how much they complain about battery lifespan.

Huawei Mate X

The Chinese based company couldn’t be left behind. Not in this field, there have been plenty of reports saying that the Huawei Mate X will support 5G networks. The good thing about them is that they already said that it may hit markets in June at around $2600. However, will it be better that the Samsung?

Alcatel 7 5G

Alcatel devices are known to be very pocket friendly. They are usually for  the people who  can’t afford flagships. So it is surprising to find that they have a prototype with 5G capabilities. Aside from that the 5G phones have 6 GB of RAM and 4000mAh of battery. Reports say that the device is likely to come out in 2020.

OPPO 5G Prototype

Seeing how in the loop OPPO have been of late, there was no way they would lag too behind. Their 5G phones are expected to house Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855. This being the best there is at the moment. This device is expected to hit markets in the second quarter of this year.