A fake version of the YouTube Vanced app listed on Play Store

Microsoft recently pulled the plug on Windows 10, a move that had long seemed overdue. As companies such as Oppo and Xiaomi attempt to steal Apple’s spotlight, an older player in the game bites the dust. Main reason being the lack of third party applications. Windows simply couldn’t manage dominating both worlds, phones and computers. Android and iOS devices’ success in app support for third party apps has given them quite the edge against Windows. Official apps can however be a nag. Sometimes a certain feature about it just irritates you and getting rid of it would do a lot of good.

If I could change the fact that Chrome uses up a lot of RAM, I would. Or if I could make Fortnite a fare fight for everyone,rich or poor, I would. Fortnite players understand why being wealthy is a plus in the award winning game. The YouTube app however, is almost flawless. Stress on almost. There are obviously some features that need to change to make it better – background playback should be enabled for all users, picture-in-picture mode made accessible to regular users. Ads have also been a common complaint from users for the longest time. Perhaps they should do something about them then maybe this wouldn’t be happening.

The whole premium members idea would have been the first feature to take down given the chance. A recent article posted here talked about the NewPipe app and how users like the download feature. YouTube Vanced is a modification to the official app, it comes with extra features designed to solve all the user complaints. YouTube Vanced not only blocks ads, but it also enables background playback

Conventionally, YouTube apps share a huge chunk of codebase. This makes it easier for the developers to implement the premium mode. The conditions are easily applied to the shared database and codebase. Google has a lot of policies that the modded version of YouTube goes against. Developers however offer both root and non-root based solutions found on XDA or their official site. This way can only work through side loading.

Copycats are confusing users.

Recently, someone posted a non-root version of YouTube Vanced. Shamelessly, they did not care to hide their developer ID or refrain from posting the sole 5-star rating. A trained eye could be able to tell that the application was weird. However this amounts to a very small fraction of the user community. Users should note that the only legit YouTube Vanced out there is on their site or XDA thread. Stay woke!