2019 concept show the iPhone 11 with triple-lens camera

Our recent post about the iPhone 11 also spoke about the Triple-lens system. More reports of updated concepts still maintain the new camera system feature. Every year we go through the same thing. Lots and lots of talks about the new iPhone release. These concepts and schematics are often so clear. Modern technology has enabled people to be able to combine photos and previous designs to come up with renders. The renders do well to help users understand the concept better.

As we have said time and time again, these concepts are subject to change. The latest one was developed by ADR studio and Ran Avni. YouTube videos are available and I personally think they are a must-watch.

ADR Studio

According to ADR Studio, the new release will be called iPhone XE. The name based on being an improved iPhone X. There was more than 70% resemblance to the iPhone X as per the video on YouTube. The 30% that’s different is due to the fact that the device borrows it’s industrial design from iPad Pro. There has been a lot of talk about the notch technology, most companies seem to want to get rid of it or make it smaller. iPhone XE will supposedly be reducing the size of the notch and implement the three rear-facing cameras.

Ran Avni

Given that the two concepts are based on the same rumors, they are not much different. The video shows an almost exact resemblance. However, they named the device iPhone 11. The USB-C port inclusion is also something that has come up in recent reports. This has however been more inclined to the iPad side of things.

It is still quite early to rate a concept as close or likely to be the exact design. As the year grows older, we are sure to get more updates. Last year was a very tough year for iPhone sales. Compared to the numbers they’ve been having in recent years, it was quite disappointing. They will look to put it all behind them by making sure they woo the market. As competition from companies such as Oppo and One Plus rises, they can’t afford to be reckless.