Year 2019 may bring us two OLED iPhone 11 models

As things stand, Samsung and Huawei seem to be winning against Apple. There was a time when Apple stood unquestioned. Those days are long gone. However, their 2018 flagship still beat the Samsung Galaxy S10 in a durability test. This goes to prove that Apple products are still of high quality and efficient. The Face ID is another field where the iPhone has proven to be better. While the Samsung flagship’s face ID gets hacked by a video of the user, the iPhone’s is full proof. So is Samsung really ahead? Features such as wireless charging in the Galaxy S10 and the OLED screens are what set them apart. However, this will not be for long. This year, we might see an OLED iPhone 11 in the summer. Apple users have been unimpressed of late, but no more. All they have to do is sit tight till September.

Two OLED iPhone 11 models set to be released this 2019

Wireless charging has been trending because of how futuristic it is. Everyone wants to be part of the migration into the future. Of late, the Apple users have been feeling left behind. These new developments will do well to calm their nerves. Finally, stock prices might start to go up. But only after the release of the OLED iPhone 11. Introducing the new OLED screen will make the phones bigger than the predecessors. Will this improvement help users accept that the notch is not going anywhere? It just might. But since the release date is still so far, there is room for change. Change that is more than welcomed. Because the full HD screens seem to be getting popular by the day. Conventions such as the punch hole design implemented by Samsung is bringing in a whole lot of new users.

There had been rumors suggesting that Apple would finally do away with the lightning port. These stories have since then remained stories. An 18w USB-C charger will, however, be included in the box. This means that a USB-C to lightning cable will also be included. Or they could just make the port USB-C once for all, it looks like they are not sure about which port to implement. Users were for the USB-C idea because of the improved charging capabilities. September is still a long way from now, things might change. Or rather, users will be praying they change.

Apple needs to reestablish itself as the SI unit of smartphones. Most companies make reference to them because at a time they were unquestionably the best. Well, now there are a lot of questions. Will they be able to answer them? Only time will tell.